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New Dutch Line To Our Catering

19 March 2019

We have just launched a new Dutch line to our catering carts. Poffertjes or baby pancakes. Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch batter treat, probably one of the most unique Dutch Sweet treat, they are small in size and we cook them on a special machine griddle that keeps them golden and fluffy.

Poffertjes Griddle
Poffertjes griddle or also known as a Poffertjes Plaat

They are made with yeast and buckwheat flour batter and have a light, spongy texture of batter resemble baby pancakes, as a sweet treat they are typically served with powdered sugar, melted butter, and eaten with a toothpick that has a Dutch flag on. We carry on the tradition and cook them on traditional poffertjes plaats then serve them in the traditional manner. Coated in butter with a selection of sauces and toppings. Or for a luxury treat you can even have them with strawberries and cream

Although Poffertjes are traditionally seen as a festive treat in the Netherlands and found at the Christmas markets or winter festivals we offer this service all year round! They’re perfect if you want novel delicious treat for your guests or customers. Our machines cook numerous poffertjes at the same time, and we serve 5 or 6 on a tray, which means we can deal with large queues.

Potential New Dutch Line

Due to the popularity of this new Dutch line to our catering carts we are now looking into other possibilities to serve at events.


These are small gingerbread style cookies, and traditionally are only available around autumn time in the lead up to the traditional Sinterklaas celebrations at the beginning of December. Pepernoten’s are roughly the size of a bottle cap and they come in several different flavors, the most popular being the Kruidnoot which comes served with dark or white chocolate.


Stoofperen’s are pears soaked in a mix of red wine, sugars and spices. They can be served either cold or warm with a scoop of ice cream. They can traditionally be served as a side dish accompanying meat or as a desert.


These are very popular in other countries across the globe rather than just remotely enjoyed in the Netherlands. They are thinner than the American style pancakes, but thicker than a crepe. The Dutch like to eat these throughout the day rather than traditionally for breakfast

Pannenkoek’s have a concept of pizza served with toppings such as slices of bacon, cheese and apples or raisins. They also traditionally have sugar syrup or powdered sugar on top.

Hire Dutch Poffertjes For Your Events

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Morgans Wonderland In Texas

9 March 2019

‘No One In This World Can Love A Girl More Than Her Father’ a quote by Michael Ratnadeepak a quote that’s fitting to Gordon Hartman from Texas, who created Morgans Wonderland.

Mr Hartman is the creator of Morgans Wonderland, a 25 acre non-profit theme park in San Antonio, city in Texas for all ages and disabilities. He created the theme park for his daughter Megan who has the cognitive understanding of a five-year-old and a form of autism. He and his wife found that when Megan was a young child there wasn’t many places to take her where she could play easily and with other children who have the same ability. When taking Megan to a normal theme park they realised that other kids were not very welcoming to her and that could be due to not understanding the difficulties she had. Gordon and his wife Maggie looked extensively to find a place to take Morgan where she would feel welcome and found there was none which led to Gordon creating his very own theme park for his daughter.

What They Did Next

The loving father sold his homebuilding businesses and set up a foundation called ‘The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation’ and began building the world’s first ultra-accessible theme park. The family started by setting up meetings with a number of different consultants, doctors, therapists and other people with disabilities to help create the park which they dedicated to their daughter. Gordon told a news report that: “We wanted a theme park where everyone could do everything, where people with and without special needs could play.”

The park, which is in San Antonio, Texas, cost £26 million in total and opened in 2010. It is the first of its kind in the world. Home to a specially-designed carousel, Ferris wheel and adventure playground, all rides are customised to be fully accessible. As this is a not for profit organisation the entrance is free to anyone with a special need or condition and admission fees for accompanying family members, caregivers and the generic public is normal price.  

Morgans Wonderland Expands

Due to being so popular the park was expanded earlier in the year and Morgans Inspiration Island was created and opened. This was a fully accessible water park which has proved to be very popular since opening with many parents stating that their children have never been able to experience anything like this before.

The organization’s mission statement is: “To provide a safe, clean and beautiful environment free of physical and economic barriers that all individuals – regardless of age, special need or disability – can come to and enjoy,” and is often accompanied by the motto, “Where Everyone Can Play!”

Such admiration for a loving father and mother who’s created such a unique space that has  helped many people. Hopefully this will continue to grow and other countries can offer ability friendly spaces for kids of all ages and abilities to go and have fun.

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Fun Story, General

The Last Flight Of Mi Amigo

22 February 2019

For those who haven’t seen it on the news, or social media, Mi Amigo was a
USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress that was returning heavily damaged from a raid. It crashed into trees in Sheffield’s Endcliffe park. At the time a group of kids were in the park, having met up for a prearranged fight!

One of them, a gentleman called Tony Foulds, witnessed the pilot turning the aircraft to avoid the kids and sacrificing himself and his crew to save them.

Memorial To The Fallen

As he grew up, Tony started to tend to the memorial that had been placed in the park. A labour he has undertaken for 6 decades. This was unnoticed by all except a few locals. Until a chance meeting with Dan Walker. Host of a radio programme for the BBC he was jogging through the park. Noticing Tony sweeping the monument they got to talking. Tony explained what he was doing and why. He told Dan his ambition was for a memorial flypast to commemorate the anniversary of the crash. Dan told him to “Leave it to me” and decided to help. He tweeted about the meeting, asking if anyone knew how much the red arrows would cost. Dan found the story going viral, with both U.K. and U.S. military chiefs contacting him regarding the request.

A Memorial Flypast

The upshot was that on 22nd February, a number of both countries military craft flew over the park in tribute. The final flyover was 4 Mcdonnell Douglas F15 Fighting Eagles, which flew the “Missing Man” formation. This is a poignant tribute, where the flight approaches with 4 craft in close formation. One of the middle aircraft suddenly breaks away and climbs vertically, leaving the rest of the formation to fly on with an obviously missing place. This is to honour a pilot, who can no longer fly the formation due to his death, and was a fitting tribute to the heroism of a long ago pilot.

F15's flying misin an formation
F15 Strike Eagles Fly The Missing Man Formation
WW2 Dakota Airplane
WWII Era Dakota Transport
Eurofighter Typhoons
Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter Aircraft Saluting The Mi Amigo

Now you might well ask, what has any of this got to do with a company specialising in Corporate Entertainment. Well, to be honest, nothing really, other than since I obtained my Private Pilots Licence I have had an increasing interest in aviation. Oh, and if it wasn’t for men like the crew of that B17, this blog might well be called Zuckerwatte Verrückt (That’s German for Candy Floss Crazy).


More Taxes!!!

7 February 2019

Have you ever accidentally drove in a bus lane? Realised that thick white line was there and you’d just crossed into an Instant fine territory? Yessss we’ve all been there in fact on average, in fact fines are given to 178 people driving in a bus lane, every day it’s easily done

However I bet few of you can say that you’ve drove down a bus lane, and turned onto another bus lane on a different street and managed to clock up 2 tickets on the space of two minutes!! Yes that’s right two big whopping fines turned up to the office this Monday morning. Both from a Christmas Chestnut cart job.

Who’s The Culprit

So when the letter turned up in the office accusations and guilt began to spread just who was responsible for driving the company van on the 28th December at  7:23am…With some quick detective skills and narrowing down as to who was in Birmingham that particular day we had found our culprit and after a few rounds of jokes ‘was you driving round with your eyes closed’….’monkeys could be trained to drive better than you’….’did you not see any of the thick white line at all?!?!’ the boss paid the fine.

All jokes aside however more than 2,000 bus lane fines were issued on average per week in Birmingham during the first three months of 2018 and from 2016 to 2018 the number of bus lane cameras in the city has doubled to over 25, now speaking from experience Birmingham is already one of the most difficult towns to drive around, got to watch out for all the lanes, trams, public, red lights, kids and now speed cameras and bus lane cameras even for the most experienced driver this can be a difficult task.

I am happy to say that he only made this mistake one of the three days he was working in Birmingham.


Hello Again, Hello

27 January 2019

Words to a Neil Diamond song, if your old enough to remember that, then you can probably remember Buzby, Accrington Stanley. And the days when a telephone was connected to your house by a wire!

We recently switched our site to a secure server, leading to all sorts of unforeseen issues. Mainly with securing the Crazy & Co. blog side of things. So to sort this out we have decided it was easier to just start again. This is meant to be a mixture of informative articles. Tongue in cheek comments on the wider world, and the occasional story about the misadventures of our staff.

We will also be allocating an occasional slot to a guest poster. So if you think you can write something that our readers would enjoy perusing, then get in touch and we can talk about it. As long as it is related to either the events industry of the fairground community we will consider it.

So here we are, all shiny and new. We will be re posting some of our most popular content over the next few weeks. In addition to pruning some of the , erm, less desirable stuff. We have also widened our scope of writers, and now have some of the junior staff being allowed to post items. (God help us), so hopefully you will keep coming back to see what we have on the Crazy & Co. blog.

In the meantime you could check out our main site Crazy & Co.

Candy Floss
Our very first catering product, Candy Floss!