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Traditional Sweet Treat Favorites

20 November 2019

Who remembers the good old traditional sweet treat favorites …the Palmer violets, pear drops and lemon sherbet. Well how good would it be if these was new gin flavors that you could drink with a fresh cool lemonade or a slim line tonic. Well Asda are making this dream come true with their launch of the new traditional flavored gin. This comes just in time for the summer months and in time for all our summer gin bar events.

Gin is the new popular spirit at the moment with a number of trendy gin spots opening on every street corner. With new colorful flavors ready for your taste buds. Asda has upped their game among other supermarket stores offering the most colorful and delightful flavors. With a number of different flavors and garnishes available in store. Such as strawberries, juniper berries or a fresh slice of cucumber.

This traditional sweet treat favorites drink will make take you straight back to your childhood. With every long lasting sip you take but it will also make you the pro at throwing the summer barbecue party. It’s not only the flavor that will be the talk of the party but the colour too. Both the lemon sherbet and the Pear drop gins have a glittery shimmer appearance to them. The Palma violet transforms from a deep purple spirit to a light pink color when mixed with a tonic water.

Its important to experiment with gins and different flavored tonics till you find the right one that compliments the natural zest and flavor of the Gin. On our gin bar we have worked with experts and mixologists to find the perfect soft drink. And garnishes to put with the different flavored gin so that we can recommend to you what’s the best. We hope to launch some new gin flavors at the end of the month creating a unique and full bar. We will also be looking to introduce more of these
traditional sweet treat favorites to help take you back to your childhood.

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Atomik Vodka

16 November 2019

We’ve heard of some wacky ideas for types and flavors of drinks but this one really takes the biscuit, Atomik Vodka!

33 years after the worst nuclear energy disaster in the world scientists have used crops from the waste area to create a new atomic vodka. The science team behind the drink have assured tasters that the drink is radioactive-free and that it could ‘possibly be the most important bottle of spirits in the world’. Scientists from both the UK and Ukraine who spent over 24 months researching the area and looking into the scientific transference of radioactivity the local area of crops.

Atomik Vodka

Locals to the area

Locals hope that this new product will help the region to recover economically as if crops and land can now be used without any radioactive side effects. They also hope to start a new enterprise launching a spirit company producing the Chernobyl vodka and selling it on.

A professor from Portsmouth University who worked on the project said that he hoped this would be the start of something brilliant for the local area and that he is hopeful that these special bottles of vodka which is made from grain local to Chernobyl will make a path for future endeavours. Describing the spirit as the most important in the world due to the help it could give to the recovery of the economic in the local areas in and around the abandoned areas of the Chernobyl. He plans for over 70% of the profits to be given back to the local community

Scientists behind this product explained the process. They took the rye that was slightly contaminated in the contaminated area and water from the Chernobyl aquifer and they then distilled it. Although some radioactivity was found in the grain the process of distillation reduces the impurities which means that this spirit is safe to drink matching other brands of spirits also avalible on the shop floor. The main exclusion zone is a wild life reserve area and therefore shouldn’t be used as an agricultural site however there is areas around the area that could be used.

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Perfect For Your Summer Barbecue Booze Up!

18 June 2019

The weather in the UK this weekend is reaching a new high for 2019 so far. Were definitely not a nation that is used to the hot weather or for that matter the cold weather were just used to a northerly wind and a constant downpour. When the snow hits we come to a standstill but on the rare occasion the sun hits we become a nation of alcoholics. Here were sharing some new products to the market that are perfect for your summer barbecue booze up!

The beer gardens are full and the barbecues are out in force this weekend and with day drinking on the rise when the sun comes out why not purchase the latest product to hit the market – champagne flute ice lolly moulds.

The company Sophistipops have created a 4 hole mould with freezer friendly stems that look like the bottom of a champagne glass which resemble champagne flutes. Imagine your friend’s faces when you bang them out at the next day drinking barbecue hot weather celebration. You’d be the most sophisticated hostess with the mostess.

The moulds can be purchased for a very british 10 bob from Hawkins Bazaar. You fill the moulds with your favourite drink, add the flute stems to each of the moulds and add to your freezer. Leave them for a few hours and then take them out the freezer and share around.

According to the item’s description on the Harpers Bazaar website it reads : “Indulge yourself with a frozen treat that exudes high class and sophistication. These Sophistipops are easy to make and come out full of flavour!”

This is not the only summer beverages perfect for your summer barbecue booze up!

Smirnoff the vodka brand has just launched a new Tutti Fruity Flavored Vodka perfect for your summer barbecue booze up! The new range of summer vodka spirits include orange, grapefruit, raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla. The Smirnoff marketing manager said that the process of making the new summer vodka uses real fruits instead of just flavoring meaning that their natural flavors are extracted and infused individually.

Kopperberg normally famous for its fruity cider is now launching a new pink gin that tastes of strawberry and lime! Another fruity summer drink perfect for the barbecue booze up or to put into a mold and freeze for a fruity gin ice pop!

The London-dry style gin will be available from May 6 at over 700 Greene King pubs across the UK. It’ll then roll out in Asda and Morrisons from May 22, where it’ll set you back £22 for a 70cl bottle.It comes with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 37.5 per cent, compared to only 4 per cent in its cider.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m excited for this warm weather to hit the UK and I hope it lasts longer than a day! We may have to consider some updates to the drinks list on our gin bar for some more sunny flavors! or on our frozen cocktail cart to make sure its ready for all the British booze up summer parties.

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Ice Cream Made With Maggots

13 June 2019

Gluten and dairy intolerance’s has been on the rise in recent years. In fact there’s over 8.5 million people in the UK that now lead a gluten free diet. This can be hard because it means that you have to cut out a lot of food from your diet and you can’t enjoy one of life’s biggest pleasures carbs and ice cream.

Luckily in this modern day more brands are creating alternative food now allowing people with intolerance’s to be able to eat a wealth of different foods, for example you can now get soya milk or almond milk as an alternative for dairy milk, gluten free alternatives to bread and of course Ice cream made with maggots.

Ice cream made with maggots – not a typing error

No…that wasn’t a typing mistake maggots is right a company has decided to make ice cream with the creepy little bugs called maggots. More precisely the species called the larvae of black soldier flies.

Personally I think that this ice cream alternative sounds pretty manky but they say that the ice cream doesn’t actually taste of maggots. The company based in Cape Town University Of Technology process the maggots with other natural ingredients then mix it with an array of different flavours in the ice cream machine. The flavours include such as Chocolate, Christmas spices and Peanut Butter all of which are strong flavours presumably to make sure that you definitely can’t taste any maggots.

Ice Cream Made With Maggots
Ice Cream Made With Maggots

The head of Production

I don’t understand why you’d take a fancy to trying larvae ice cream than a different alternative such as soya ice cream or almond ice cream but according to Leah Bessa the head of the product development that there is very good altruistic reasons for doing so she told the sun news paper “Insects are typically environmentally friendly and sustainable to farm because they use very little land, water and food to grow on,” she also later added that they produce a lot of protein, fat and minerals meaning whoever eats the ice cream is getting these benefit’s too.

I have not personally tried the ice cream or have any wish to do so, something about eating blended maggots doesn’t agree with my digestive system however when free scoops were given out on a taster day and they received a flurry of good reviews and apparently the taste is similar to other dairy free ice creams. In fact one quote left on the day read It tastes like ice cream should taste. A little bit more earthy, a bit more organic taste. But I’m pretty happy.”

With plans for the ice cream company to expand to other parts of the world including here in the UK it hopefully wont be too long until we can get our hands on some however I don’t know how well it will go down with our clients! maybe

Ice cream made with maggots may be a unique selling point here at Crazy & Co. so watch this space!!!.

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Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to life

9 June 2019

Everyone’s seen Willy Wonkas inventions haven’t they… the Everlasting Gob stoppers that taste like a Sunday roast, the Wonka Chocolate Bars well willy wonka has now hit California in the role of Plant Breeders and Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to life

Plant Breeders in California have created a natural grape that tastes like everyone’s favorite fairground treat CandyFloss This natural grape has not been cloned or genetically engineered with artificial flavors. There has been two combined grape species that has been grown and ripened together that now tastes like the pink fluffy cotton candy treat.

Candy Floss Grapes

Where to buy some

When you first chew the grape and it pops open in your mouth with juice squirting out it gives you a rush taste of the much loved treat at the fair, cotton candy. The grapes are available in the UK in Asda, Sainsbury’s and M&S.

A horticulturalist Mr D. Cain wants to bring back the true natural flavour of grapes, he feels that over the time and the growing and shipping process they have begun to lose their taste, however with new innovative grapes could people begin to prefer flavoured grapes to natural ones??

There is an array of different fruits available in store especially when it comes to apples with over 10 different types offered to consumer’s including pink lady, braeburn and fuji apples. The farms that grow grapes now want to offer people a higher selection of grapes in a hope that more people start to buy and eat them as part of a healthier diet. Most people complain that healthy food doesn’t taste as good as the sugary food even though it’s good for you whereas these grapes are full of the goodness and the flavour that everyone likes. The grapes do have around 10% more sugar than regular grapes but still a lot less than other fruit such ass raisins.

Where Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to life

The candyfloss flavoured grape farm in the US has increased from 2 acres to 100 acres with plans to increase to 200 acres in the next year this is due to the popularity and high demand.

The creator of the candyfloss flavoured grape said that it took him hundreds of tests and attempt’s before he finally found that flavour. Mr Cain said that the whole process takes anything from 6 to 15 years to create and find. He has no intention at stopping at this flavour and wants to create a number of different flavours of grapes in the future.

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Nothing Better Than An Alcoholic Beverage Or 10

5 May 2019

There is nothing better than an alcoholic beverage or 10 until the next morning when you wake up with the worst hangover known to mankind, and honestly it feels like the worst day of your entire life…without being too dramatic that is…

Well imagine if there was a way you could enjoy the sweet taste of alcohol without ever waking up on deaths door the next morning, this would be revolutionary wouldn’t it? You’d be able to go on them nights out that you’d normally have to miss because of grown up commitments like family or work. Well this dream is currently closer than what you think!

After several years of research a product called Alcarella is being created that is a magic substance that gives you the sensation of being drunk without having you running to hug the toilet seat the next morning!.  

Alcarella is a synthetic alcohol based on a molecule called alcosynth…we know science and alcohol equals more fun!!! the new ingredients ensure that the drink can give you the same feelings as being drunk without the hangover. The only downside is that this drink won’t be ready anytime soon, it could take a few years to become regulated before its offered to the public and can be sold.

Imperial College London Professor

A neuropsychopharmacologist, professor from the imperial college London that the drink will be going under rigorous testing a they need to show that it’s different from the bog standard alcohol and doesn’t produce the toxicity that gives you a hangover.  The professor studies the effects of alcohol and found which receptors in the brain is targeted by alcohol and claims this new revolutionary drink will work differently and target different receptors.

Nothing better than an alcoholic beverage or 10

Synthetic alcohol is said to have a cap so that it is impossible to get out of control on. After around half an hour to forty five minutes the effects of the drink wear off. Mr J Forsyth a global drink analyst recon’s that the product will appeal to the health conscious consumers of today and be a promoter of lunch time drinking as the effects will wear off by the end of your dinner break.

According to a study they found that 4 million people are killed each year from alcohol, and that many people can have a negative side effect to drink so with this new break through then people can hopefully still have a good time on a night out without the drunk driving potential or without the anger side effect of the alcohol.

So could we see the end of alcoholic drinks as we know them.

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Son’s Of Amazon offer a caffeine buzz

29 April 2019

Do you know what the most used drug is? No not marijuana, not cocaine or pills surprisingly but caffeine. It seems that everyone both young and old crave that Caffeine Buzz

I’m sure you’re not unfamiliar with that caffeine buzz, the restlessness, the increased heartbeat, the nausea the sweaty palms and the inability to fall asleep all from one cup of coffee. And if you want a quicker buzz then you go for the espresso option the short black coffee option. But the more you drink the more you build up a tolerance.

Caffeine Buzz

Coffee lovers might remember when they first started drinking coffee and the kick they got from it but now they have to scour the shops to find a blend of coffee that still offers a kick in one cup. The sweet coffee smell the strong bitter taste well the search is finally over. A company called Sons Of Amazon claim to be the owners of the strongest coffee in the UK.

A standard 8oz cup of coffee is said to have around 110mg of caffeine but Sons of Amazon’s coffee blend has four times that amount with their motto reading ‘Strong enough to wake the dead’ you know that this coffee is going to be strong enough to blow your socks off.

Sons Of Amazon Strong Coffee

The Brains Behind The Coffee

Eric Witham is the brains behind the coffee stating that not only well known for the strength his coffee is also ethically sourced with no chemicals being used to increase the substances in the roasting process. Witham is said to have tested many different coffee beans from different farms before deciding on the best.

Despite being over 100% stronger than the standard cup of coffee it is advertised on the website as being anything but horrifically bitter. After looking at some of the reviews online I am now off to order myself a bag for the long days and nights you face in the event industry I now feel like my body has become too immune to caffeine and I have to have a few cups throughout the day to get the old affect so hopefully this can restore my faith and bring back a caffeine kick experience.

Some customer reviews read;

“Didn’t know what to expect from a coffee claiming to be so strong but I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. Great tasting coffee with a caffeine kick that will keep you going throughout the day. Will 100% buy again and recommend to friends. “

Whilst another review stated ;

“Surprisingly smooth for something so strong. (There’s definitely a joke in there somewhere…. about liking my men the way I like this coffee) Will definitely buy again.”

You can purchase a packet of these coffee beans on Amazon.

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Crazy Popcorn Pilot

12 April 2019

Pakistan is home to a Crazy Popcorn Pilot who has recently been arrested for testing a homemade ‘flying machine’.

Muhammad Fayaz is a popcorn seller and part time security man. After watching the National Geographic Air Crash Investigation he said to be inspired to make his own aeroplane. Fayaz used all his savings, sold some of his land and took out a bank loan in order to pay for the build. Once the aircraft had been built he then proceeded to test the machine out in front of a crowd of around 500 people without the approval of the proper aviation authorities which then led to his arrest and the confiscation of the aircraft. The aircraft weighed around 95kg and cost an equivalent of £270 to build it was also stated that the plane would fly around 1,000 feet high.

Statement From The Crazy Popcorn Pilot

The Crazy Popcorn Pilot issued a statement that said he had been told to contact the CAA (Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority) in order to be granted permission to test flight his aircraft however he did not do this he also said that he is a patriotic Pakistani who has worked hard to make the aircraft and informed all the correct departments however never heard back from them.

Having attracting large crowds to watch he reportedly used a length of road that was clear and free of any obstacle’s or debris as a runway to test his plane. It was at this event that he was later arrested for building the aircraft without permission, testing it without the proper safety precautions. Fayaz was only taken into protective custody and the aircraft detained in order to protect everyone.  

After The Release

After his release Fayaz told the papers that had decided to make the pane around 4 years ago and spent three years planning the build before taking a year and half to start and finish building it. He also put many months of research into this having visiting local airports multiple times in order to look at their planes, the design they followed and the material that had been used on them. He also researched the function of different parts and how the mechanics work. Fayaz carried out many experiments with materials and engines until he found light sufficient equipment that would be strong enough and powerful enough to use for the plane.

His family were said to have made fun of this ‘crazy popcorn pilot’ idea however did not deter him and supported him. Since his release he has contacted the army and the prime minister to tell them of how he can produce cheap and sufficient planes for them and to the government to help him get his detained plane back.

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Golden Doughnut

6 April 2019

700 whole British pounds is a fair bit of money, I mean into perspective if you was to donate £700 to Unicef it would pay for 12 health workers that would be able to provide life-saving care for children. £700 could be a month’s rent, could be the down payment on a holiday or just help to cover them pesky bills that return to your doorstep every month!  

Or alternatively you could spend your £700 on a dozen golden doughnuts. That works out at like £58.33 per doughnut.  Now for your overly priced doughnut you don’t just get a krispy Kreme standard delight oh no you get a doughnut made with Cristal Champagne, with 24-carat gold leaf decoration and gold dust.

The Golden Doughnut

The doughnut sparkles and glimmers in the glass cabinet just beckoning you to part with your hard earned cash. The designer of this very exclusive and just a tad overpriced doughnut is Björn Delacruz a chef at the Manila Social Club restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The creator explained that his doughnut is more than an ‘extravagance’ it is the “ultimate celebration of love for generous people with expensive taste, and that it’s usually the case that the people purchasing these doughnuts is for a special somebody”

The golden flake doughnut made headlines when it was featured in the magazine First We Feast with comments about the contrast between the expensive donuts being on sale in a city with thousands of hungry people. Delacruz felt attacked at negatives comments about his doughnuts and said that the gold flakes is a gimmick that projects something special and allows people to treat the special people in their lives to something nice.  

Personally if I had a spare £700 laying around I’d spend it on a dozen of these little gold beauty’s purely to show off to my friends. I’d probably save a couple in air tight containers and display them around my home because for £700 I’d want something to show for it!!!

Read The Story Of The Golden Doughnut Here.

Our Company

We may not offer the all time exclusive Golden dust doughnuts but we do offer the tasty golden dinky donuts that’s perfect to serve at your event. With a number of different toppings such as syrup, sugar, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce you can decorate your golden doughnuts any way you like.


Who Doesn’t Love A Gin

3 April 2019

Who doesn’t love a gin , in them fancy gin glasses with all the trimmings, the berries, the cucumbers the refreshing fruity flavours you can get. A pink gin and lemonade is my go to drink at any social gathering, in fact hell if I could drink it all the time without being judged or ushered into an AA meeting I would! In fact I’m such a big gin fan that for Christmas I received a Gin advent calendar from my mam and to date that’s still the best present I’ve ever received in both my child and adult life, 25 different brands and flavours to divulge in and try.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Gin

In fact the first time I tried gin was whilst on holiday in Ibiza, sun sea sand and gin. Holliday’s and Gin are two of life’s best offers so imagine combining them and earning money whilst doing so. No…no you’re not dreaming this is a job! Travel the world and drink gin.

The gin connoisseur of companies Bombay Sapphire and Inception group have joined together to create a once in a lifetime job experience.  They have advertised for a global ambassador (to me and you this is an expert gin consumer). Who will have the opportunity to travel to places around the globe including Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon.

The job has been designed to help celebrate the opening of a new bar called Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration. That is a bar designed around Phileas Fogg’s 80 Day Trip around the globe. The aim is to go around the globe like Fogg did and try different gins In each location. To ensure that you don’t get lonely on this amazing trip you are allowed to take a plus one providing they like gin

Social Media

Whilst on this trip you are expected to post your journey on social media, document it on a blog, sharing photos and what’s going on in each place, you’ll also be expected to collect fancy and different botanicals and research different cocktails from each place along the way But lets face it you’ll be documenting every aspect of your jet set lifestyle trip just to show off to all your family and friends stuck at home in their boring 9-5 job.

The job vacancy advertisement didn’t describe much however it did say that the chosen candidate will need to be skilled in social media, photography, writing, exploring and loving gin obviously. They will also have to know the two brands inside and out and have a valid 1 year passport, the job covers three months and will need your constant devotion.

Read The Story Here

As much as this does sound too good to be true for everyone apart from the two chosen lucky winners we do offer an alternative. Our portable gin bar, full of unique gin flavours such as pink, African truffle and rhubarbs & pear. We also offer a selection of mixers with both tonics and lemonade. And number of spritzy garnishes, and although you can’t travel the world with it we do travel anywhere in the uk to you to ensure that your next event can be covered by a superb gin bar.